Hi, I am Vivian Gonzalez, Owner of Vivian’s Petals.
I have been creating floral arrangements and designs for over 20 years.
My unique stamp of creativity ranges from simple to lavish floral elegance.

Throughout my childhood I was always fascinated with flowers and plants.
The simplicity of weeds springing up from seemly nowhere to brighten our landscape often captured my attention and sparked my imagination.

I was born in Tunas, a small town in Cuba. My family and I arrived in the united states in 1970. A design career was evident early in my life as I developed a love and appreciation for nature, especially for flowers. I studied fine arts both in the United States and Italy. My experience as an artist helps in crafting beautiful floral and lighting designs for a variety of social events.

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed designing floral arrangements.
Flowers and plants have always brought out a magical feeling in me…
I hope my floral designs do the same for your special occasion.

CEO/ Vivian’s Petals